Local Events

4/18/14-9/28/14 Wagaman Mill Tours

Wagaman Mill Tour:


5/15-8/29/14 Blank Park Zoo

New Bactrian Camels and new indoor experience for Penguin and Toroises at the Blank Park Zoo:


6/24-9/30/14 Newton Farmer's Market

Newton Farmer's Market:


7/1/14 7/31/14 Tama County Tourism

Tama County Tourism:


7/1/14-7/31/14 July entertainment for Park Centre

July entertainment for Park Centre:


7/18-7/24/14 Jasper County Fair 2014

Jasper County Fair 2014:


7/18/14 Autism Conference with Dr. Grandin

7/18/14 Autism Conference with Dr. Temple Grandin

7/18-7/24/14 Jasper County Fair 2014

Jasper County Fair Free Entertainment Schedule 2014:


7/23/14 Newton Public Library

Newton Public Library:


7/24/14 Christmas in July

Christmas in July:


7/24/14 Newton Public Library Board

Newton Public Library Board:


7/24/14 Corn Boil

First Lutheran Church's Corn Boil:


7/25/14 Old Fashioned "Barn Dance"

Old Fashioned "Barn Dance"


7/26/14 Cool Cars 'round the Courthouse

Cool Cars 'round the Courthouse:


7/26/14 Ridiculous Days in Downtown Newton

Ridiculous Days in Downtown Newton:


7/26/14 Mingo United Methodist Church

Mingo United Methodist Church:


8/8 - 8/9/14 Living Waters Family Gospel Fest

On August 8-9 Living Waters Family Gospel Fest will have a fundraiser for the special lunch program at Des Moines Christian School.  Sixteen artist groups from seven states will be singing on Friday from 1 to 9 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 8pm.   There is a mixture of music, a one man skit for children and adults, a comedian and a fabulous trumpeter.  Three meals plus snacks will

8/17/14 Hearth Fest 2014

Hearth Fest 2014


Programs at Ashton Observatory

Programs at Ashton Observatory:


7/26/14 Kellogg Konnection at Holmdahl Park

Kellogg Konnection at Holmdahl Park:


7/25/14 1958 Newton High School Class

1958 Newton High School Class: