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11-26 Wednesday's Coaches Corners

South Tama Boys Basketball Head Coach Nate Doran previews the season  
Benton Boys Basketball Head Coach Larry Carlson previews the season  
Williamsburg Boys Basketball Head Coach Dave Schlabaugh previews the season 

11-26 Grinnell Jr. High Sports

8th Grade Girls Basketball report  
Junior High Wrestling report  

11-25 Tuesday's Coaches Corners

BGM Boys Basketball Head Coach J.R. Glenn previews the season  
Iowa Valley Boys Basketball Head Coach Ryne Christner previews the season  
English Valleys Boys Basketball Head Coach Derek Dixon previews the season 

11-25 Grinnell College hosts Monmouth

The Pioneers face the Fighting Scots at Darby Gym tonight (Tuesday).  Coverage on 1410 KGRN and  Women at 5pm and men at 7pm.
Grinnell Women's Head Coach Dana Harrold  

Grinnell Junior Point Guard Alissa Hirsch  
Grinnell Senior Forward Alex Plemmons 
Grinnell Men's Head Coach Dave Arseneault Sr.  
Grinnell Senior Jack Taylor 

11-24 Grinnell Tiger Post-Game Interview

As requested, here are the interviews from Friday's Tiger girls game against East Marshall with Senior Deja Jackson, Freshman Kameron Moore, and Head Coach Trent Edsen  

11-24 Monday's Coaches Corners

Montezuma Boys Basketball Head Coach Derek Schulte previews the season  
North Mahaska Boys Basketball Head Coach Jeff Phillips previews the season  
Belle Plaine Boys Basketball Head Coach Justin Northrop previews the season 

11-21 Friday's Coaches Corners

Tri County Girls Basketball Head Coach Chad Little previews the season  
East Marshall Girls Basketball Head Coach Missy Pieters previews the season  
Grinnell College Womens Basketball Head Coach Dana Harrold 

11-20 Extra Point

Troy Dougherty, the all-time passing leader at Grinnell College, talks about his days as a Pioneer QB 

11-20 Thursday's Coaches Corners

Lynnville Sully Girls Basketball Head Coach Jerry Hulsing previews the season  
HLV Girls Basketball Head Coach Cory Lahndorf previews the season  
Grinnell High Girls Basketball Head Coach Trent Edsen previews the season  

11-19 Wednesday's Coaches Corners

South Tama Girls Basketball Head Coach Marsha Keahna previews the season  
Benton Girls Basketball Head Coach Laurie Donald previews the season  
Williamsburg Girls Basketball Head Coach Aaron Feddersen previews the season  

11-18 Tuesday's Coaches Corners

BGM Girls Basketball Head Coach Matt Smith previews the season  
Iowa Valley Girls Basketball Head Coach John Bowlin previews the season  
English Valleys Girls Basketball Head Coach Luke Caster previews the season  

11-17 Monday's Coaches Corners

Montezuma Girls Basketball Head Coach Cory Nikkel previews the season  
North Mahaska Girls Basketball Head Coach L.E. Moore previews the season  
Belle Plaine Girls Basketball Head Coach Andy Dahlquist previews the season  

11-15 Grinnell College 52, Lawrence 14

The Pioneers finish the football season at 3-7.  Jacob Meixler tied a school record with 4 TD receptions.  Sam Poulos had 5 TD passes, tied for 3rd best in school history.
Post Game Comments
Head Coach Jeff Pedersen  
Senior LB David Ternes   
Senior LB Richard Renteria  
Senior WR Jacob Meixler  


11-14 Extra Point

Thursday's Extra Point live from the Pizza Ranch -- Chris Varney talked with the East Marshall state champion boys cross country team  

11-13 Newell Fonda 40, HLV 18

The Warriors fall in the 8 Man Semifinals.  Post-Game Remarks from HLV Head Coach Kevin Smith   

11-13 Grinnell High Coaches Corner

Tiger Football Head Coach Jim Dunne wraps up the season  

11-6 Extra Point Interviews

Cross Country:  Grinnell College Sophomore Alosha Southern  
Men's Basketball:  Pioneers Head Coach Dave Arseneault Sr. previews the season  
Swimming:  Grinnell Junior Beth Mitchell on qualifying for the state meet  
Diving:  Grinnell Sophomore Jessica Moore on qualifying for the state meet  

11-2 State Cross Country Interviews

East Marshall Boys win a 2A state championship
Mustangs Caleb Benzing and Head Coach Erik Niggemeyer plus Williamsburg's Warren Jennings  

Grinnell High Boys finish 4th.  Thomas Clower and Jackson Schulte  
Grinnell High Girls finish 12th.  Christa Follette  
Williamsburg's Julie Hollensbe  
East Marshall's Haley Fye  
BGM's Geert Boelen and Jake Wilson and Lynnville Sully's Canyon Kuhlmann  
West Marshall's Maddie Streeter and North Tama's Abi Watson   

10-30 Extra Point

Interviews from the Extra Point on October 30
Grinnell College Senior DL Clayton Desjardin 

Grinnell College Senior LB Daniel Munger  

10-24 Extra Point Interviews

Dave Arseneault Jr. on taking the job with the Reno Bighorns  
BGM Junior QB Tanner Jansen previews Montezuma  

10-24 Cross Country Interviews

From Thursday night
BGM's Jake Wilson and Geert Boelen plus the Williamsburg Girls at Solon  
Haley Fye, East Marshall  
Bobbi Amendt, East Marshall  
Warren Jennings, Williamsburg  
Nick Meling, East Marshall  
Sarah Frischmeyer and Bailee Kriegel, Grinnell High  
Jackson Schulte, Thomas Clower, Lucas Scherf, Grinnell High  
Grinnell High Cross Country Head Coach Trent Edsen  
Canyon Kuhlmann, Lynnville Sully  
Maddie Streeter, West Marshall  
Cori Rice, Lynnville Sully   
North Mahaska Head Coach Terry Malone  


10-18 Gilbert beats Grinnell on Friday night

The Grinnell Tigers get shut out 20-0 at the hands of the Gilbert Tigers.  Gilbert had 4 turnovers, 3 fumbles and an interception, but Grinnell could not take advantage.  QB Cade McKnight was 9 of 23 pass for 79 yards and 2 INT.  TB Jake Simon had 19 carries for 54 yards.  End Kenny Clark had 3 rushes for 42 yards and just 1 catch for 7 yards.  WB Luke Honold had 4 catches for 48 yards.  Cole Dryzcimski and Cody Dvorak combined for 208 yards rushing, Dvorak had 2 TD.  If Grinnell beats Ballard next week, there will be a potential 5 way tie for the district title and one team will miss the playoffs on tiebreakers.  Grinnell falls to 4-4, 3-2 while Gilbert goes to 6-2, 3-2.
Post Game comments from Head Coach Jim Dunne  

10-10 Extra Point from Thursday

Grinnell Senior Basketball player Deja Jackson announces her college choice is Penn; Grinnell College Seniors Alex Plemmons, Kayleigh Kresse, and Hailey Speck talk about winning the Midwest Conference golf championship for the second straight year  

10-3 Extra Point from Thursday

Football:  English Valleys Senior Brennan Grimm  
Women's Soccer:  Grinnell College Junior Goalkeeper Katy Oldach  

9-19 Extra Point from Thursday

Interviews from the Pizza Ranch on September 18
Grinnell High Cross Country Seniors Morgan Finch, Sarah Frischmeyer and Christa Follette  

Grinnell High Cross Country Senior David Klower and Junior Jackson Schulte  
Montezuma Football Seniors Mitch Stevens and Mikey Lyons  

5-7 SICL Track Meet Interviews

Montezuma Sophomore Katie Maschmann   
Belle Plaine Junior Trey Squiers  
Lynnville Sully Senior Meliek Meyer   
North Mahaska Girls Track Head Coach Terry Malone  
Belle Plaine Boys Track Head Coach Mark Tegeler   

5-1 Extra Point Interviews

BGM Junior Geert Boelen   
Grinnell Seniors Andy Cunningham and Mason Doty  

4-24 Extra Point Interviews

Iowa Valley's Sophomore Marrisa Ward on competing at Drake Relays   
South Tama Senior Dylan Kalinay previewing his races Friday at Drake Relays    
Iowa Valley Senior Jackie Kriegel on going to Central College to play basketball   
UNI Football Head Coach Mark Farley     
Grinnell College Men's Tennis Head Coach Andy Hamilton previews the Midwest Conference championships  

11-28 Friday's Coaches Corners

Tri County Boys Basketball Head Coach Derek Fisher previews the season  
East Marshall Boys Basketball Head Coach Cole Anderson previews the season  
Grinnell College Men's Basketball Head Coach Dave Arseneault