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James Holmes' Father Makes Desperate Bid for Son's Life
"He was an excellent kid. He's my son," Robert Holmes said.
07/28/2015 10:18:30pm
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Houston Parents Break Into Locked Daycare to Rescue Son
A daycare in Houston is apologizing to parents for leaving their baby alone after the daycare closed.
07/28/2015 09:44:13pm
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Joyce Mitchell Had Fantasy of New Life After Prison Escape
Mitchell said she "enjoyed the attention...and the thought of a different life."
07/28/2015 10:12:34pm
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Officials Release Sandra Bland Jail Footage
Bland seen making multiple calls after her arrest.
07/28/2015 05:09:12pm
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Guess How Much This Sunken Treasure From 1715 Is Worth
The haul included some 60 gold artifacts.
07/28/2015 04:19:25pm
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Pilot Declares Fuel Emergency After Runway Closure
A pilot who says he was just minutes away from running out of fuel had to declare an in-air fuel emergency after he learned that an airport in North Dakota was closed.
07/28/2015 10:13:58pm
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Cyclist's Helmet Cam Captures Moment SUV Hits Him Then Flees
A cyclist's GoPro camera on his helmet caught the moment a SUV hit him then fled at an intersection in Seattle, Washington.
07/28/2015 03:16:55pm
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Teen Arrested for Murder After Girl's Body Found in Dumpster
A 15-year-old has been arrested for murder, police said.
07/28/2015 06:53:13pm
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8 Children Hurt, 2 Critical, by Falling Tree in California
75-foot falling tree near Southern California kids' museum injures 8 children, 2 critically
07/28/2015 10:13:18pm
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Jail Releases More Footage of Sandra Bland Before Her Death
In response to conspiracy theories, Texas jail releases footage of Bland before her death
07/28/2015 09:44:05pm
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Holmes' Father Says He Worried When Son Stopped Calling
Colorado theater shooter's father says he grew concerned when son stopped calling
07/28/2015 09:35:50pm
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10 Things to Know for Wednesday
10 Things to Know for Wednesday
07/28/2015 09:03:17pm
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Northern California Wildfire Jumps Line, Forces Evacuations
Wind gusts push Northern California wildfire over enforcement line, forcing evacuations
07/28/2015 08:59:50pm
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UN Says It Could Help 3 Million in Yemen If a Pause Holds
UN says it could reach 3 million in Yemen with aid if a humanitarian pause can take hold
07/28/2015 08:45:34pm
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2 Injection Wells Shut Down After Oklahoma Quakes
2 injection wells shutting down, 1 reducing activity after earthquakes in northern Oklahoma
07/28/2015 08:42:53pm
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Oklahoma Day Care Closes After Reports of Sunburned Children
Oklahoma day care closes doors after mother reports her 2 children severely sunburned
07/28/2015 08:42:47pm
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Watch: New Sandra Bland Jail Footage Released
The new footage shows Bland's intake and booking at the Waller County jail after her arrest during a traffic stop.
07/28/2015 05:14:31pm
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Watch: Teen Arrested For Murder of 8-Year-Old Found in Recycling Bin
A 15-year-old neighbor has been arrested for the murder of 8-year-old Madyson Middleton, whose body was found in a recycling bin in Santa Cruz, California.
07/28/2015 04:02:48pm
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Watch: Cyclist's Helmet Cam Catches Moment SUV Crashes Into Him
The footage appears to show the SUV driver holding his cell phone before crashing into cyclist Trip Volpe at a Seattle intersection.
07/28/2015 03:44:25pm
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Watch: Mom Saves Baby Left Locked in Day Care Facility
Sharonda Ross and her husband broke the window of Joann's Day Care and Camp to save their baby, who had been forgotten in a crib at closing time.
07/28/2015 09:58:26pm
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