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Why Suspected SF Killer Kept Coming Back to the City
The suspect went to federal prison for repeatedly sneaking back into the U.S.
07/06/2015 06:07:45pm
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Mom Accused of Leaving Infant on Road Held on $500K Bail
Police say that she called in, identifying herself as the mother of the child.
07/06/2015 05:22:01pm
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How a Man Miraculously Found His Wife's Lost Dollar Bill
See the details of this incredible love story.
07/06/2015 04:19:18pm
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No Injuries, Evidence of Shooting at Walter Reed Medical Center
The facility was opened a few hours later following sweep.
07/06/2015 01:45:52pm
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All Ends 'Well' for Puppy
Firefighters pulled a yellow Labrador puppy from a deep well on Sunday morning.
07/06/2015 04:13:50pm
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Confederate Flag Removal Debate Kicks Off in SC Legislature
No decision is expected to be reached today but the arguments will start.
07/06/2015 03:11:01pm
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Hammer May Have Been Used in Florida Doctor's Murder
A hammer may have been used in the murder of a Florida doctor who was found dead one week ago inside her home, police reportedly told the victim's neighbors.
07/06/2015 07:25:02am
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5 Stories You May Have Missed This Weekend
Princess Charlotte gets christened and Stonie wins the Nathan's hot dog title.
07/06/2015 04:19:35pm
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Suspect in SF Pier Death Says Shooting Was an Accident
Police said there doesn't appear to be a connection between the suspect and victim, Kate Steinle.
07/06/2015 10:10:49am
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Fraying Family Ties Cut to Heart of Theater Gunman's Defense
Even a killer has loved ones: Colorado theater shooter's parents endure trial's gory details
07/06/2015 03:38:46pm
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Police: Search for Baby in River Is a Recovery Operation
Police say search for baby of man who jumped off bridge into river is a recovery operation
07/06/2015 03:37:33pm
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Maryland Mom Held on $500K After Infant Found on Roadside
Maryland mom held on $500,000 bail after 6-week-old daughter found in carrier on side of road
07/06/2015 03:36:16pm
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2 Men Charged With Killing Escort at Massachusetts Hotel
2 men charged with fatally shooting escort from New York City at hotel in Massachusetts
07/06/2015 03:31:15pm
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Upscale Idaho Town Threatened by Fire Urged to Flee Homes
Residents of upscale lakeside community threatened by Idaho wildfire urged to flee their homes
07/06/2015 03:30:15pm
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Florida Man Gets 2.5 Years for Having Sex on the Beach
Florida man sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for having sex on the beach in broad daylight
07/06/2015 03:25:51pm
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Arizona Governor Calls for Probe of Private Prison Unrest
Arizona governor wants probe of unrest at privately run prison that brought damage, transfers
07/06/2015 03:24:00pm
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Police: Maryland Boy Dies After Being Beaten for Eating Cake
Police: Maryland boy, 9, dies after he was handcuffed, beaten for eating cake without approval
07/06/2015 03:16:41pm
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Watch: President Obama on Fight Against ISIS
sident Obama, in a rare visit to the Pentagon, delivering remarks on his strategy to defeat ISIS after receiving a briefing from his military brass.
07/06/2015 05:33:27pm
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Watch: San Francisco Murder Suspect's Background Sparks Immigration Debate
The controversial background of Francisco Sanchez, the man charged in the shooting death of Kathryn Steinle on San Francisco's Pier 14, has re-ignited the debate over immigration.
07/06/2015 04:19:59pm
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Watch: Walter Reed Medical Center on Lockdown
Authorities responded to a suspected 'active shooter' at the facility near Bethesda, Maryland after an unconfirmed report of a single gunshot.
07/06/2015 01:06:59pm
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