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4 Arrested After Student Shot on College Campus
The college student was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.
04/19/2015 04:42:35pm
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Evacuation Order Lifted As Massive Wildfire Burns in Southern California
The fire burned at least 300 acres.
04/19/2015 02:13:03pm
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Gyrocopter Pilot Expected to Be Stopped on Way to Capitol
Doug Hughes called people waving to him as he flew above D.C. "surreal."
04/19/2015 11:26:39am
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Cops Stop Minivan With Puppies on Roof
The four pups were being taken from Ohio to Pennsylvania, cops say.
04/18/2015 09:54:55pm
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Orphan Who Couldn't Find a Family Is Adopted by Caseworker
Davion Navar Henry Only is finally set to get the happy ending more than 100,000 children in U.S. foster homes dream of.
04/18/2015 09:46:43pm
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Family Believes Concussion Led to Father's Disappearance
Oliver Pareece Jones was last seen in California on April 5.
04/18/2015 09:44:43pm
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More Severe Storms Slam the Plains; Threat Shifting East
More severe weather expected throughout the weekend.
04/18/2015 07:45:15pm
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Video Shows Cop Being Run Down With Own Cruiser
Officer Jeff Swett still recovering from the January incident.
04/18/2015 06:50:47pm
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Bus Engulfed in Flames on Massachusetts Road
The fire erupted in Sturbridge, about 60 miles west of Boston.
04/18/2015 04:34:07pm
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Utility: No Leaks Found in California Gas Line That Exploded
Utility says it surveyed California gas line twice in April and found no leaks
04/19/2015 04:54:45pm
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Police Worry Woman Suspected in Murder-Kidnapping May Flee
Police take steps to ensure woman suspected in Indiana murder, infant kidnapping does not flee
04/19/2015 04:25:46pm
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Denver Police Issue Dozens of Citations at Pot Events
Denver police issue dozens of citations at outdoor pot events
04/19/2015 04:24:32pm
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Trial Beginning for Last 3 Defendants in FAMU Hazing Case
Trial beginning for final 3 defendants charged in hazing death of FAMU drum major
04/19/2015 04:00:01pm
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Firefighters Make Progress on Southern California Wildfire
Firefighters make progress on S. California wildfire; evacuation orders lifted for 300 homes
04/19/2015 03:48:28pm
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Officials: 3 Shot, Injured at Delaware State Cookout
Delaware State officials: 3 shot, injured at campus cookout; no arrests have been made
04/19/2015 03:45:31pm
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Gyrocopter Pilot Frustrated Message Isn't Getting Through
Gyrocopter pilot who landed on Capitol Hill frustrated that security fears miss his message
04/19/2015 03:15:46pm
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Residents Asked to Stay Inside Because of Colorado Fire
Residents asked to stay inside because of heavy smoke from Colorado fire
04/19/2015 03:03:01pm
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Service Held to Mark 20 Years Since Oklahoma City Bombing
168 people were killed.
04/19/2015 02:45:17pm
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Watch: Police Dash Cam Records NJ Car Crash Rescue
Officers pulled driver out of a car seconds before it burst into flames.
04/19/2015 03:09:53pm
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Watch: North Carolina Soldier Surprises Son at School Photo Shoot
Corporal James Bass returns home and takes the opportunity to surprise his unsuspecting son.
04/19/2015 10:34:33am
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