George Pataki makes long-shot bid for president
05/28/2015 11:34:00am
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This man wants to start a revolution
Bernie Sanders, an agitator who doesn't suffer fools, political opponents or journalists gladly, is testing whether his populist, liberal agenda can catch fire nationwide.
05/28/2015 07:08:59am
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Sanders takes aim at Wall Street
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders sets out to scale a political mountain as he formally jumps into a Democratic primary race dominated by Hillary Clinton.
05/26/2015 07:16:27pm
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Will Democrats keep hammering the Kochs?
As the Senate's top Democrat, Harry Reid has loved nothing more than attacking the Koch brothers and their influence over politics.
05/28/2015 09:54:00am
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FBI seeks local law enforcement aid against homegrown ISIS threat
05/28/2015 10:05:27am
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White House warns of NSA lapses as Congress seeks deal
Obama administration officials, in their strongest language yet, warned Wednesday of dangerous interruptions to terrorist tracking as top Senate Republicans raced to find a compromise that would prevent the shutdown of major U.S. intelligence programs on Sunday.
05/28/2015 07:29:43am
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Bill Clinton: 'I'm officially Ebola-free'
Former President Bill Clinton said at a United Nations event Thursday that he underwent Ebola screening from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after a recent visit to Liberia, but that he was never exposed to the deadly virus.
05/28/2015 11:37:54am
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Secret Service preps to add spikes to White House fence
Secret Service and National Park Service officials are prepping for upgrades to the White House fence after several embarrassing security lapses in recent months.
05/28/2015 11:13:33am
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Christie fires at Rand Paul, again
Sen. Rand Paul is "getting particularly sensitive" when it comes to the debate over the Patriot Act, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Wednesday.
05/28/2015 10:11:57am
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Live anthrax inadvertently shipped by U.S. military
Four lab workers in the United States and up to 22 overseas have been put in post-exposure treatment after the U.S. military inadvertently shipped live anthrax samples to a half-dozen states late last month, a defense official told CNN.
05/28/2015 09:33:17am
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Top State Department official to depart
A top State Department official -- Wendy Sherman -- will depart following the completion of the Iran nuclear talks, a source confirms to CNN. Sherman has been the lead U.S. negotiator with Iran as the Obama administration has pursued a nuclear agreement.
05/27/2015 10:06:46pm
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With scripture, Hillary Clinton wins over a voter
05/27/2015 10:13:42pm
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Can Rick Santorum escape his past?
05/28/2015 07:12:24am
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Carly Fiorina trails Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton was in town on Wednesday -- and so was Carly Fiorina.
05/27/2015 06:41:44pm
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How do the GOP's 2016 hopefuls feel about Snowden?
05/28/2015 06:48:39am
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Lynch joins Obama in prodding Senate over NSA powers
05/27/2015 01:02:30pm
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Senate blocks measures to extend NSA program
05/25/2015 06:17:22pm
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Everything you need to know about the Patriot Act debate
As the debate roils, get up to speed on NSA surveillance, how the Patriot Act authorized it and why Congress may -- or may not -- reform the program.
05/23/2015 05:09:56pm
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Poll: 5 Republicans tie for lead as Carson sees bump
05/28/2015 07:16:39am
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Poll: Obama popularity on upswing
05/26/2015 06:39:36am
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Poll: Republicans more enthusiastic for 2016 field
Republicans are more positive about their slate of presidential contenders than they were around the same time during the last two campaigns, according to a new survey.
05/22/2015 03:12:50pm
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Biden blasts Putin
05/28/2015 06:12:51am
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Obama announces new EPA protection of waterways
05/27/2015 02:09:39pm
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Obama's immigration actions still unrealized
Nearly a year after President Barack Obama announced sweeping immigration actions, new doubts are emerging as to when -- if ever -- the measures will take effect.
05/27/2015 03:34:48pm
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White House on Iraq: 'We need to adapt our strategy'
The White House communications director said Wednesday the U.S. needs to "adapt our strategy" in the fight against ISIS, days after the key Iraqi city of Ramadi fell to ISIS.
05/27/2015 03:52:29pm
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