Gov.'s Ebola myth: Water kills it
CNN's Jake Tapper looks at what people have said that's flat wrong about Ebola.
10/16/2014 03:20:08pm
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Security hole may expose your kid's info
Jake Tapper reports on a data security hole that exposes sensitive information from schools and government entities.
09/16/2014 01:56:40pm
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Chicago man to Obama: 'Don't touch my girlfriend'
Even the President of the United States has to deal with jealous boyfriends.
10/21/2014 05:05:38pm
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Michelle Obama addresses Braley-Bailey incident
Democrat Bruce Braley is running a tough campaign against Republican Joni Ernst in Iowa for an open U.S. Senate seat.
10/21/2014 03:29:51pm
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Recovering political strategist turns restauranteur
Josiah's Coffee House and Café is a must-go destination for melt-in-your-mouth fresh baked goods and a perfect cup of coffee.
10/20/2014 05:59:56am
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Obama changes position on same-sex marriage, says Constitution backs it
President Obama now says the Constitution backs same-sex marriage. He made the remark to CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin in The New Yorker.
10/21/2014 09:54:43am
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Cuomo confronts and pokes fun at Biden's LaGuardia Airport "third world" joke
Remember that time Vice President Joe Biden compared New York City's LaGuardia airport to a "third world country"?
10/20/2014 03:58:51pm
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American released from North Korea
Jeffrey Fowle, an American arrested in North Korea in May for leaving a bible at his hotel, has been released and is on his way home, a senior State Department official told CNN on Tuesday.
10/21/2014 03:23:11pm
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Why the FBI Director really wants to be able to access your iPhone
FBI Director James Comey says new encryption standards by Apple and Google will create "a black hole for law enforcement" that will help sophisticated criminals avoid detection.
10/16/2014 11:23:16am
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How worried is the Pentagon about Ebola? Creating special Ebola boot camp and updating pandemic plans
KYRA PHILLIPS: The president said Ebola is a national security priority. How are you responding to that?
10/16/2014 12:39:35pm
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County official: No 'ill intent' after calling for military coup against Obama
A county official in Missouri is scaling back her latest suggestion that American troops should overthrow President Barack Obama.
10/15/2014 10:12:04am
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Holder unveils program to counter recruiting by extremist groups
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday announced a Justice Department program to try to thwart recruitment by extremist groups such as ISIS, attempting to involve social and mental health workers as well as religious leaders and police to spot radicalization early.
09/15/2014 01:55:20pm
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Donald Trump: 2016 decision comes early next year
As 2016 hopefuls flock to early caucus states, Donald Trump told an Iowa audience not to count him out -- at least not until he makes his decision about running early next year.
10/20/2014 09:10:01am
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Why is this 10-year old so excited to meet Hillary Clinton?
Macy Friday can't remember what she was thinking when -- mouth agape, eyes bugged -- she shook hands with Hillary Clinton in Denver this week. It all happened so fast, she says.
10/19/2014 10:39:01am
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Is Hillary Clinton ready for marijuana 2016?
When Hillary Clinton graduated from Wellesley College in 1969 -- where the future first lady and Secretary of State says she did not try marijuana -- only 12% of Americans wanted to legalize the drug.
10/16/2014 08:07:21am
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Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter: '#HereWeGo'
Monica Lewinsky took another step into the public spotlight on Monday when she joined Twitter.
10/20/2014 04:22:38pm
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From 'done done done' to never say never
Ann Romney told CNN on Thursday that she is still "done" with the idea of another presidential bid, but adds that she and her family "never say never."
10/16/2014 08:15:27am
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Washington Post's Ben Bradlee dies
Ben Bradlee, the former top editor of The Washington Post who oversaw the paper's coverage of the Watergate scandal, has died, the newspaper said Tuesday. He was 93.
10/21/2014 09:21:24pm
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The 'why bother?' election
10/21/2014 05:44:18pm
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Palins describe brawl in police recordings
Bristol Palin describes being dragged through the grass and called a series of obscenities during a massive brawl last month in recordings of Anchorage police interviews that CNN obtained through a public records request.
10/21/2014 06:48:24pm
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Former U.S. counterterror chief: 'Imminent threat' remains
The former head of U.S. counterterror operations said Tuesday the "imminent threat" posed by an al Qaeda offshoot in Syria hasn't lessened after a U.S. air campaign there.
10/21/2014 07:28:18pm
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GOP, don't set government up to fail (Opinion)
Conservatives can't bash and slash government and then suddenly act surprised if government isn't there when we need it, writes Sally Kohn.
10/18/2014 02:58:09pm
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Why conservatives blame Obama for Ebola
LZ Granderson says President Obama's critics want to bash him even when facts don't support their claims.
10/08/2014 10:08:51am
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This is Elizabeth Warren's moment
Julian Zelizer says the Massachusetts senator has just been handed a giant political opportunity -- secret tapes on U.S. regulation of Goldman Sachs.
10/07/2014 09:21:05am
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Common Core, a good idea gone bad?
This academic year, the major lesson in America's public schools will be on the civil war.
09/30/2014 02:49:11pm
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