Bernie Sanders' campaign raises $15 million in his first quarter as candidate
His presidential campaign has raised about $15 million since it launched in late April, aides to the campaign told CNN on Thursday.
07/02/2015 02:19:26pm
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Wisconsin rally draws nearly 10K supporters
07/02/2015 01:49:14pm
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Sanders readies for first financial test against Clinton
07/01/2015 02:48:47pm
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Democratic ex-Va. Sen. Jim Webb announces presidential bid
Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb announced his campaign for president Thursday, becoming the fifth Democrat to join the primary contest.
07/02/2015 03:48:14pm
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First on CNN: Rubio's ad buying plan hits snag
Sen. Marco Rubio's plan to buy presidential campaign advertising at a bargain price is hitting a snag: Some television stations are refusing to reserve the airtime.
07/02/2015 12:27:48pm
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Hillary Clinton's 'Santa' is her hairdresser
Hillary Clinton's secret Santa is a hairdresser in New York.
07/02/2015 12:12:16pm
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George Pataki seeks to pressure GOP field over Trump comments
Republican presidential candidate George Pataki is hoping to grab some of the spotlight fellow candidate Donald Trump is occupying, by pressuring the rest of the field to denounce Trump's inflammatory comments on immigration.
07/02/2015 08:25:09am
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Obama heads to Wisconsin to offer competing economic vision
07/02/2015 03:39:26pm
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All-clear given at DC Navy Yard after shooter scare
07/02/2015 04:42:42pm
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States attorneys general, DOJ cheer BP oil spill deal
07/02/2015 03:29:45pm
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Sanders surges in Iowa poll, but Clinton remains clear frontrunner
Support for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is growing among Iowa Democrats, but Hillary Clinton remains the clear Democratic frontrunner, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released Thursday,
07/02/2015 09:59:21am
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Obama re-establishes U.S.-Cuba diplomatic ties
07/02/2015 02:15:09pm
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Will U.S. or Iran flinch first in game of nuclear chicken?
07/02/2015 02:36:03pm
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Pentagon confident of U.S. strategy for countering ISIS
Despite ISIS's continued ability to hold and control vast swaths of Iraq and Syria, top Pentagon officials are confident that the U.S. program of training and equipping forces in those countries will help defeat the terror group.
07/01/2015 07:42:38pm
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Iranian FM: 'I think we can' get final nuclear deal
06/30/2015 09:54:07am
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Rick Perry asks black voters to give GOP a second chance
07/02/2015 04:53:59pm
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Pro-Clinton super PACs raise $24 million
07/02/2015 04:18:50pm
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Trump defends inflammatory comments, asks 'Who is doing the raping?'
07/02/2015 04:51:30pm
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Why supporters like Trump
07/02/2015 03:39:19pm
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Donald Trump offers rare praise for Obama
Bombastic GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump offered a rare spot of praise for President Barack Obama on Wednesday, in an interview with CNN's Don Lemon. He also said improving race relations would be a priority for him if elected president.
07/02/2015 02:41:12am
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Brazilian president: Our countries share fight against 'blemish of slavery'
07/01/2015 07:40:51pm
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Obama: Crooner-in-chief
President Barack Obama appears to be a good mood after the "best week ever," singing at a speaking engagement on Wednesday.
07/01/2015 08:23:55pm
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Obama, Bush unite on guacamole
Despite their differences, there is one issue that Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush and President Barack Obama do agree on: No peas in their guacamole, please.
07/01/2015 07:57:00pm
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Obama tackles guac debate in Twitter Q&A
07/01/2015 07:40:44pm
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Poll: Majority sees Confederate flag as Southern pride symbol
07/02/2015 12:29:57pm
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